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Todd Close explains why he chooses Western Water Works

"I think the difference between Western and our other people is just their commitment to the customer. It's been a pleasure for us to deal with somebody committed through the whole process from the start of the project through the finish."

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Start to Finish: People, Products, and Systems®


From Start to Finish you save money (the lowest total cost) when you buy waterworks products from Western Water Works.

You get results since we have proven People, Products, and Systems® to satisfy your needs now and in the future.



You need to have good people to support your challenges. Therefore, we recruit and hire the right people. Then, we train them right. We retain good people for you by providing them the best tools and opportunities in the industry to satisfy your needs.



You need the right products to meet your standards and specifications. Therefore, we have partnered with proven vendors in the industry. Since 1945, we have developed solid relationships with our vendor partners. Our vendors provide the highest quality products and services, which allows us to support your needs.



Your needs and business practices change. Therefore, we are committed to new and enhanced ways of doing business to satisfy your needs. This commitment is evident in the systems we use to support you, our people and products. Our systems make it easy to provide you the right products and information, at the right place, at the right time, and at the right value.